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GNU/Linux is the “fastest” OS

November 8, 2009 4 comments

Check out how many of the top 500 fastest machines in the world are running GNU/linux.


So is this because it is a leaner OS than the others or because Microsoft and Apple could not be bothered getting their offerings to work on the computing equivalent of a Formula1 car?

Here’s another interesting statistic which lists the market share of the top operating systems in use for browsing (server machines excluded). ¬†Windows is winning this hands down with over 92% of the desktop market at time of writing. ¬†GNU/Linux is currently sitting at under 1% with Apple’s OSX at around the 5% mark.

So we have a free operating system which is the preferred option for squeezing extra performance from the world’s fastest machines and it is still virtually unknown for most people.

You would expect that interest in linux is trending upwards but this simple search suggests not.

Until GNU/Linux manages to get some significant public airtime, not much is going to change despite it already being capable of delivering what the majority of people need.

Anyone got a friend who’s a media magnate?